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Lesson Levels

Pre-School Beginner:

Ages 3-5 years old 

For children who are not completely comfortable in the water. There will be an instructor to help your child get used to the water as well as teach your child the basic swimming skills to help your child feel safe and comfortable. 

Skills: Entering and exiting the water, submersion, front and back float, swim paddle, breathing, and kicking 


For children of all ages who are comfortable in the water. They have mastered the front and back float and are ready to develop fundamental swimming skills. Ready to start learning the fundamentals for breaststroke and butterfly kick. 

Skills: Treading water, compact diving, rhythmic breathing, freestyle with rotary breathing 

Youth Beginner:

Ages 6 and older

Youth beginner is for children who are not fully comfortable in the water. Instructors will work on mastering the front and back float. The instructor will help develop the child's level of comfort as well as teaching the child the basic forms of being in the water. 

Skills: Submersion, front and back float, breathing, swim paddle, kicking, and begin working on becoming more comfortable in the water. 


Swimmers should be able to perform all four competitive strokes. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly kick. 

Skills: Increase endurance and learn how to do flip turn with each stroke

Mommy/Daddy & Me

Ages 0-2 years old

Through play and songs, the child will begin to build a positive relationship with the water. 

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