Tracy Torbert, phone #302-448-0729, will respond with any COVID concerns pertaining to the Pool.  Please call her with your questions.

Revised Date:  5/29/21



The following rules and regulations on COVID-19 are for the protection and benefit of all Members and staff. Any failure to comply with all rules and regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges for the offending Member(s) and can be considered cause for cancellation of membership with no refund.


  1. All members and guests should maintain at least three (3) feet separation inside and outside of the pool from others not within family or party.

  2. There will be a designated entrance (hallway entrance) to the Pool area and a designated exit (pool gate area) from the pool area.

  3. Every member (including children) and guests will be required to individually sign in at the guard table when entering.  This is to be able to monitor head count and notify people in the case there is a COVID issue.

  4. Members and guests will be required to review the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to the Pool.  These can be found on the link above.  Do not enter the pool area if anyone in your party is experiencing signs or symptoms.  You will be required to check the box that you read and acknowledge you have no signs or symptoms.

  5. Every member and guest will be required to individually sign out at the gate exit for the same reasons as 4.

  6. Face covering will be required while entering the Pool area, exiting the pool area, going to and from the concession stand, going to and from the restroom, and any other areas outside the Pool itself that three (3) feet social distancing cannot be maintained from others not within family or party.   Children age 2 years or younger must not wear a face covering because of the risk of suffocation. Face coverings are strongly recommended but not required for children below Kindergarten.

  7. Face coverings will not be required while in the swimming pool, sitting on the pool side, walking to and from the pool, seated in a chair, or at a table area with family or party.

  8. Members/guests will not be allowed to sit on the steps, so as to maintain social distancing for getting in/out of pool.  It is perfectly fine to sit on the pool sides at least three (3) feet from stairs and others not within family or party.

  9. It will be the responsibility of the member/guest to wipe their chairs and tables prior and following occupying them during the day, if they so choose.  Disinfectant/wipes will be available.  Guards will be busy with the day-to-day activities and the water monitoring of the swimming pool, along with disinfecting restrooms, guard table, and concession area on a regular basis.  The guards will disinfect all tables and chairs at the end of each day.

  10. We encourage all guests and swimmers to wash hands often (with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) and cover their coughs or sneezes. Hand sanitizer is available at the guard stand and concession stand, if needed.

  11. It is the personal responsibility of the members to make sure those in their party adhere to these rules and regulations.  Our teenage lifeguards are busy making sure our swimmers stay safe in and around the pool proper and should not have to police people on COVID rules.  If a member/guest blatantly disregards (does not follow the rules even after discussion by pool staff) the COVID-19 rules and regulations, that member will be immediately asked to leave for the day.  If the violation persists, the pool membership of that member will be revoked with no refund.

  12. If you have any COVID-19 concerns, please contact Tracy Torbert, at the number at the top of this page.  For immediate assistance, contact the Pool Manager, Shea Brown, to address your issue.  If she is not on the premises, please notify a Lifeguard, who can get in touch with her.  You can also contact a Board member by email at